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Keep checking this section for newly added free materials. If there is a helpful document in PDF, Word, PowerPoint format that you would like to share with Heads of Sixth in this section send it to

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Law - super-curricular enrichment powerpoint

Download and share with tutors and students as well as your A Level Law teachers.

Sports Studies - Supporting degree applications

Download and share with tutors, sports studies teachers and students. Feel free to place on your VLE for access within your centre.

Post 16 Homework Improvement Log

Download this pdf version of a Homework log. Ask each teacher to choose two reliable students to keep a log of homework over a week or two weeks. Ask the subject leader or teacher to email you a review of the findings for their subject area and an Improvement Plan e.g. set more homework, vary the tasks, some response to the student feedback. Collect the sheets in yourself and survey. The aim is to check that enough homework is being set and to improve the effectiveness of the tasks set.

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