Feedback Review

Do you schedule a Sixth Form Review of learning with a particular focus or set of foci? I scheduled a Marking and Feedback Review in the Spring term and using SLT. In one day we visited every Year 12 & 13 lesson and gathered information about how much marking and feedback students were receiving as well as the extent to which the marking seemed to be supporting teaching and learning - or was it just a an exercise to meet the minimum school policy? 1-2-1 meetings were held with any member of staff where it was felt there was insufficient evidence and those meetings were helpful in imparting some strategies to manage marking without increasing workload such as 'sample marking'. Sample marking can increase overall feedback whilst not increasing workload and that strategy is slowly catching on. It needs to be managed carefully but it can work really well. My resource for the Review is in the Free Resources section. Michael Senior 13/03/17