'Homework Club' - a strategy to support your 'key marginals'

Sixth for staff asked for a strategy to tackle students who fail to complete homework or produce low quality work. So we introduced 'Homework Club' which is a strategy to use with all Year 12 & 13 students who need support in meeting deadlines. Students were informed in assembly that the very day there is a homework concern they must attend the study room within 10 minutes of the final day school bell. The teacher is responsible for registering the student - invariably they have completed the homework by the time the club begins - after which the teacher leaves and the sixth form study supervisor or a member of the sixth form team keeps an eye on the students. The session lasts from 3.40-4.30pm or until the work is complete. The strategy is in place every day, even on Fridays. Staff email the study supervisor and the names are added to a spreadsheet which is shared amongst the sixth form team. Any patterns are then picked up by the team. Homework Club is certainly tackling all those predictable names who are 'key marginals' on course for low grades unless something happens to improve the situation.