STUDENTS WILL ONLY CHANGE WHEN THEY ARE READY. That is why scheduling intervention workshops is a challenge. Like many sixth form centres, I draw on outside agencies which are useful but costly: I can't afford to schedule many sessions. So, over the last three years, I have researched and developed a series of intervention workshops for Years 12 and 13 that can be delivered in-house - cheap and can be scheduled multiple times so as to be timed when students recognise they need the advice: it takes some more feedback than others! With Head of Sixth, Kate Thomas, we are creating an INTERVENTION WORKSHOP RESOURCE PACK for every delegate to take away and re-use. Feel free to adapt but it will be ready to use immediately. I delivered the most commonly requested workshop on procrastination. Students signed up using googleshared document and it was as simple as that in terms of organisation. February 2017 say over 40 students sign up for one of three workshops they could drop into. When listening to their stories, it was no wonder they weren't working hard and the workshop materials drew out the issues. Hopefully, see you at the conference Friday 23 June 2017 in London. Michael Senior & Kate Thomas.