February witnessed the launch of mentoring across the sixth form in all linear A level courses. Year 13 mentor Year 12 and this year, there is benefit to both years which has resonated hugely with Year 13 so we have no resistance to being a mentor. Before setting it up I read an academic paper on university mentoring schemes which you can download in the FREE MATERIALS page. I set up a google shared document for each subject leader to write down the names of Year 12 & 13s so everyone could see who was selected and it helped ensure that the process and been started. One effective way to get it off the ground was to meet all the mentors and mentees at lunchtime and then the students matched themselves up by talking over when they had mutual time to meet up face to face. The next step is to keep the momentum going. I am preparing some material to help create protocols and in an ideal world all of that would have been in place but sometimes I think it is better just to get on with it than wait for everything to be perfect.