The new term begins

The new term begins. I hope that it all goes as smoothly as possible. Everyone can only do their best. What a Summer! No need to say anymore!
I wish you well with enrolment and all the challenges that starting back presents this year. One thing is for sure, students need to be back in school. Staff will be understandably anxious and we can only do our best to lead by example while being sensitive to others and looking after ourselves, too. Don't burn out this year: the days, weeks and months ahead will hold a lot of extra demands. If you need help and support in your role, the Sixth Form Leaders group has been busy sharing advice. Over lockdown, this private Facebook group grew from 800 members to 1.5k with almost 50% of sixth form leaders signed up: that means there's a wide variety of leaders with whom to share challenges and solutions. We do our best to ensure no students and parents get to join: so it's as safe as possible to share concerns. No posts of pets, just professional dialogue and peer support. As usual, this newsletter will be issued weekly during term time. It will continue to offer advice, resources and links to helpful stuff out there for sixth form leaders and tutors.
Best wishes for 2020-21.
Michael Senior