Employability skills: the benefits of extra-curricular involvement

Download tutorial material: these provide a flavour of the subscription material. Video is subscription only. 3 of 4 sample subscriber content.

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Free resource - 'You are your brand' to use in tutorial time or assembly to get across the point that students need to shape their experiences and their behaviour so it is suitable for the world of work (attendance, punctuality, appearance, interests, social skills). This is a PDF version but the subscriber version is in powerpoint format so you can adapt it though it comes ready-made. The 10 slide powerpoint is typical of others we provide though often longer than 10 slides.

Free resource - Shaping your extra-curricular experiences log - helpful log sheet to use with students when you encourage them to get engaged in activities at the beginning of the sixth form OR on an employability session throughout the sixth form. The log outlines what skills employers want and students have to write what evidence they have that demonstrates the skill/attribute.