Leap from GCSE to Sixth Form 2: understanding your subject - video

Video 2 - 'Leap from GCSE: Understanding your subject' plus a tutorial exercise (max 4 mins)

Video. Leap from GCSE to Sixth Form 2: Understanding your subject (max 4 mins) with discussion slides. Ideal for induction but also for intervention later i the year for those who have yet to wake up and understand the demands of sixth form are different from GCSE.

The video informs students that GCSEs involve a lot of recall whereas A-Level (or the like) involve much more thought, analysis and application. The fact that novel scenarios can be presented in exams shows that students must allocate a lot of time to understand all of the course content.

The accompanying exercise is based on research from the University of East Anglia 'Pre-University Skills Programme' and focuses on the skills universities need students to develop whilst in the sixth form. The key message is curiosity and independence. By focusing on these areas, students must acknowledge that sixth form exams are different.