Making insurance choices - ppt to use with students

Making insurance choices - 4 slides to use

The slides require a little understanding of cognitive dissonance theory which you can think of like this: when we face a choice we want to feel happy with it but if we don't think we have made the right choice then we experience some discomfort (dissonance). To reduce the dissonance we start to turn up and down the volumes of strengths and weaknesses of the choice we made to make us feel more comfortable (e.g. my first choice is nearer, my first choice is higher up the league table, my insurance is further away, the course hasn't got quite as much choice. That means I am now happier with my first choice as I was beginning to wonder if another university was better for me). The mind starts to think in this way to help us feel comfortable with our choices. Students need to compare their insurance choice with a 3rd choice so they feel more comfortable with going there should they need to. If they only compare it to the first choice, they will probably feel like the insurance isn't much of an option at all.