Step 1 - VIDEO about the note-taking task

Watch the first video about the note-taking task to accompany the PPT. Enter your access code to play the video.

Task 1 - Video about the note-taking task

Instructions for students

Note-taking styles vary but sixth forms and universities require students to develop a technique of being selective and aiding recall. Cornell style is a key technique and you are going to learn it here so you are ready for the next step in your studies.

1. Watch the first video of students discussing note-taking: tips and skills

2. Watch this video about the note-taking task

3. Download the powerpoint task on note-taking with the various links embedded in the PPT.

Instructions to schools

1 Schools need to supply students with their password - emailed to centres. This allows students to access the Year 11 Transition category only.(do not share your staff access code for the usual web site resources)