Let Us Learn

Let Us Learn

Young, Gifted and Blocked

Let us Learn is a group of young migrants, who are proud to call the UK home.

It is our ambition that all migrants should have the chance to contribute fully to British society.

We aim to inspire other young people to take a lead in their schools and communities, and can offer practical support and training.

We provide speakers for high profile national events, like the Women of the World Festival at London's South Bank Centre; or smaller local gatherings, like school assemblies.

We run energetic and successful national campaigns

Many more young people can now achieve their dream of going to university, thanks to our 'Young, Gifted and Blocked' campaign.

In October 2017, we launched 'Chasing Status'. Our newest campaign is calling for an end to the high Home Office fees and long delays that leave too many of us in legal limbo, often for years on end, when we are seeking to formalise our status as British citizens.

We want to ensure our voices are heard by policy makers and by everyone in this country. We believe that if we all work together, we can create a united and fair society that benefits every one of us.

Things I Can Talk About:

  • Advice
  • Immigration
  • Peer to Peer Support
  • Student Finance Advice

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