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Minds Ahead support sixth form students, parents, staff and college leaders in improving their mental health and wellbeing

Minds Ahead support our schools and colleges to become world leaders in transforming the mental health of the next generation. Minds Ahead uniquely approach mental health from a school and college perspective. As a national social enterprise, we work with forward-thinking colleges, schools, universities, think tanks, charities, local authorities, strategic partners and influential leaders for the benefit of all students.

The Mentally Healthy College Programme provides support for students, parents, staff and college leaders. It has been developed by our team of qualified teachers and mental health practitioners who have over 50 years experience leading and working in Further Education settings. We draw on the evidence base of effective practice, alongside the emerging policy agenda for the benefit of students, staff and parents.

We provide:

  • Support that enables and guides staff to develop evidence-based techniques such as counselling, listening and effective questioning skills
  • Deeper staff understanding of mental health that fosters empathy, nurture, resilience and self-care
  • A phone consultation prior to the event to ensure that the design will meet the delegates' needs
  • A follow up Skype session to support your work in making the most of the learning
  • Electronic versions of the handout and materials
  • Electronic certificate of completion for delegates

The workshops we provide are as follows:

Mental Health Ambassadors

Many young people find it easier and relatable to talk to someone of a similar age. Students leave this programme with a richer skill set to support their peers and a deeper understanding of mental health. This can lead to earlier preventative support for your students. It will develop counselling and mentoring skills of students whilst encouraging your students to support each other and how and where they can signpost to recommended sources of online information and support. This content also covers safeguarding training and what to do on if another student discloses information.

  • Delivered in 3 x 2.5 sessions
  • Cost: £1935

Supporting my teenager's mental health

Parents and carers might struggle with understanding how to respond to mental health challenges in the teenage years. This workshop benefits your students by giving parents the opportunity to develop approaches that can support their children.

We cover a few ways that this can be done in sharing how to recognise the signs of poor or declining mental health, helping them to understanding the teenage mind and by recommended dos and don'ts in supporting their children. Additionally, we signposting to recommended sources of online information and support for parents and their children for further reading.

  • Delivered in an evening or open day session
  • Cost of an evening/half day session - £645

Developing a mentally healthy workforce

Ensuring the mental health of your staff team is not only a moral imperative but also crucial to the effective working in the demanding college environment. The benefits to your staff and students as more effective teacher-student relationships are fostered.

We offer three modules, please select the modules most relevant to your needs:

Module 1: Building staff resilience skills & understanding and overcoming anxiety

Module 2: How to deal with change, stress and periods of high workload & overcoming individual barriers to action

Module 3: Applying self help strategies drawn from a wide range of sources and psychological and therapeutic approaches

  • Module 1 and 2 - each half day (£645 each)
  • Module 3 - full day (£965)
  • Full programme - 2 full days with a gap of 2-4 weeks allowing for added contextualisation and depth (£1,995)

Developing a mentally healthy leadership team

When your leaders can effectively manage relationships within their teams, this results in higher performance whilst also caring for the mental health and wellbeing of your staff. By increasing the confidence of leaders at all levels, you enable them to create and lead change smoothly.

We offer three modules, please select the modules most relevant to your needs:

Module 1: The power and practise of authentic leadership & a range of coaching and mentoring skills, models and approaches to facilitate supportive, authentic and solution focused conversations with line reports.

Module 2: Understanding the psychological implications of change, overcoming psychological barriers of leading change & how to be an emotionally intelligent leader

Module 3: Helping staff overcome procrastination, applying impactful and easy to implement strategies to support the resilience of line reports, respecting boundaries whilst being aware and of staff safeguarding procedures, exploring best practice in the sector

Module 1 and 2 - each half day (£685 each)

Module 3 - full day (£985)

Full programme -2 full days with a gap of 2-4 weeks allowing for added contextualisation and depth



Fantastic network and ideas sharing! Great materials partnered by Minds Ahead, really seeing national changes since have mental health has become high on the agenda. So glad that this is been embedded within the region

Emma Wilson-Downes, Assistant HT

Parents in particular have relished the workshops... particularly as their children in this digital age are less likely to be sharing information with their parents.

Vice Principal, Bolton Sixth Form College

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