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• Weekly to over 4300+ subscribers
• Typical Open Rates 30-40%. Click Rates 12-20%
• Email us a title + 100 words text max, web site url, jpeg image
• Sixth form leaders contact you directly
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• Teachers contact you directly

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• Book a 2 metre space / online space (remote conference)
• Interact with 100-200 sixth form leaders per event
• Established event in our 24th year
• Exhibit & newsletter feature to over 4k members
• 25 June 2021 - exhibition area now available

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Adviser And Teacher Events

• Promote university adviser event days to 4300+ users
• University recruitment events e.g. subject-specific open days
• Teacher training events run by universities
• Apprenticeship events for staff and/or students
• Supply details and url link to your university event page
• Email

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'University Partnership' Package

Informing The Influencers - teachers and advisers

Engage heads of sixth form and advisers across the UK and overseas

4300+ schools and colleges subscribe who work with 400,000+ post 16 students.

Partnership Package (12 months) includes:

UNIVERSITY SPOTLIGHT  - what's new? what's special? any overlooked courses? 

University Spotlights - edit your own details at any point using your a username and password

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FEATURES to 4300+ subscribers - 6 articles over 12 months

UNIVERSITY EVENTS for teachers - add and up-date for 12 months (up to 20)

UNIVERSITY EVENTS for students  - add and up-date for 12 months (up to 20)

SIXTH FORM LEADERS FACEBOOK GROUP - 2k members - join the group for 12 months

UNIVERSITY BRIEFING WEBINARS - a key panellist at 2 webinars