Video for Parents 2: Independence and Communication

Advice from Sixth Form Students for Parents of Years 12 and 13

Video for Parents: Independence and Communication

Advice from sixth form students filmed at the end of their sixth form course and all were from state, non-selective sixth forms.

Net Sixth Form is a hub for Sixth Form Leaders run by Michael Senior with over 25 years experience who has hosted national conferences for heads of sixth and providing resources to use with sixth form students for 20+ years.

A number of parents contact Net Sixth Form every week and we don't have the capacity to answer the queries so instead we have created a Facebook group exclusively for parents and carers of sixth form students - netsixthform-parents

Useful advice (hopefully!) and some resources helpful materials will be shared in the group, when there is time, which might help parents and carers support their son/daughter.

Note - Subscriber resources are for schools only