EXAMPLE VIDEO - 'Putting in the hours'

Video (3 mins 43 secs) Putting in the hours. 30+ more videos to use in tutorial time and assemblies when you subscribe.

Video (3 mins 43 secs) Putting in the hours - students discuss the hours of independent study needed to be successful.

  • 20+ academically successful students offer advice about achieving top grades and applying to university.
  • It is the quality of discussion that us particularly unique.
  • Students also like to hear the messages from their peers rather than teachers.
  • TUTORIAL DISCUSSION - to make it easy for tutors to open up discussion there are summary slide(s) at the end to aid class discussion.

The video prompts the teacher to get ready to pause (30 seconds and 10 seconds warning) to pause on the summary discussion slide.


  • Independent learning
  • Motivation to work hard
  • Study skills
  • Mobile phones and barriers to learning
  • Leap to A-Level and Leap to Year 13
  • Applying for university


  • Literacy toolkit for science and humanities A-Levels
  • Higher education preparation material
  • Employability resources
  • EPQ support
  • Applying to Oxbridge and Medicine
  • Improving teaching and learning

More videos added as we follow students through university including preparing for university, freshers week, emotional side of learning, life at university, money management, coping with new accommodation, life at university including Oxbridge. Plus Open Days and Personal Statements.