Watch - Putting in the hours - video

Video (3 mins 43 secs) Putting in the hours. Watch now. 2 of 4 sample subscriber content.

Video (3 mins 43 secs) Putting in the hours - students discuss the hours of independent study needed to be successful.

This video is available to watch to get a sense of the quality and format of all the video content across the range of videos on the site.

Each video was filmed in the same way with students discussing the theme and a summary slides at the end of the video. It is the quality of discussion that us particularly unique. Students also like to hear the messages from their peers rather than teachers.

Summary slide(s) at the end to aid class discussion.

The video prompts the teacher to get ready to pause (30 seconds and 10 seconds warning) to pause on the summary slide.

TUTORIAL MATERIAL to support this video is available to subscribers.

21 videos currently available. More to be added.

2019-2020 will feature video content on preparing students for university as we have already filmed students at the end of their first term.