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Who are NetSixthForm?

We are a hub for Sixth Form Leaders and we work with 3.2k leaders on our Facebook group and 4.3k subscribers to our web site. Over 80% of sixth form centres use us for a range of reasons: peer support, information, CPD and our resources.

Do students need to register or share any personal details?

No – not at any stage at all. They simply use the access code we provide to you, and you share with Year 11.

Can I upload the materials to Teams or Google Classroom?

Yes, if you wish to – transfer and upload the tasks that are in PPT and PDF formats and provide the video links. Students will still need to watch the videos from our site but they will simply click on the video link, enter the code and watch the videos. But at least they will be starting with what they are used to if you use Teams etc.

Do students have a separate code?

No – just one code for your centre. You share it with all your Year 11s. Will they share it with others? Maybe, but we know that for Year 11 this online scheme needs to be super simple to work at your end! 

How much are the materials?

£289 + vat (total) pay online price and that also includes 12 months subscription to the entire post 16 tutorial scheme and half-termly webinars for sixth form leaders.

Are other centres using the scheme?

We have nearly 25% of all sixth form centres subscribed who use the Year 11 Transition Scheme. 

Can we see an example of the scheme?

Yes – we’ve made Step 1 free and some other material too.

How long will the Ten Steps take to complete?

In reality, it’s probably about a week of engagement. Each task could be as short as 15 mins and others an hour. It will supplement whatever else you intend to do with Year 11 but at least it helps promote a package of online provision.

We don’t have a sixth form, so is the 12 months access worth it?

The 10 Step Transition Scheme is worth the money alone to keep your Year 11 busy. The rest of the scheme consists of  70+videos and 200+ downloads. We think your Year 11 tutors would like to use the materials, too – attending lessons, receiving feedback, revision strategies, perfectionism, choosing between universities and apprenticeships.

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